Snap Pixy Drone For Snapchat Lifts-Off To Follow You For Airborne Selfies

pixy snapchat
Snap, parent company of Snapchat, has created a new way for you to use its Snap camera, and it is taking selfies to a new height (literally) with Pixy, described as "your friendly flying camera" that is small enough to fit inside your pocket.

The art of taking a selfie is an ever-evolving task. Smartphones are coming with increasingly higher resolution wide-angle front-facing cameras to be able to capture everyone in a group shot at the highest quality possible. But you are still restricted in certain situations. Perhaps there is no one around to stand far enough back to get you all in the group photo, or you simply want an angle that is not obtainable when holding the camera by hand. That is where Pixy aims to give your selfie game a lift, even more so than a selfie stick.

Pixy is a "new way to use the Camera for self-expression and communication," according to Snap. The drone is pocket-sized, which makes it perfect for carrying with you wherever you go, and with its ability to fly you should be able to capture some extraordinary selfies anytime, and anywhere.

With the tap of a button, Pixy takes flight in one of four preset flight paths. It can float, orbit, and even follow you wherever you lead it, and it can do it without the need of a controller or any set-up. Once it completes its flight, it lands back into the palm of your hand to be tucked away until needed again.

Of course, Pixy is meant as a companion to Snapchat. The videos that you record are wirelessly transferred and saved to your Snapchat Memories. You can then go in and use Snapchat's editing tools, Lenses, and Sounds to create a customized video of the footage you captured.

Other features include the ability to automatically crop into a portrait with a few taps and apply quick Smart Edits, such as Hyperspeed, Bounce, Orbit 3D, and Jump Cut. Once you have created your masterpiece you can quickly and easily share it to Chat, Stories, Spotlight, or any other platform.

The Pixy drone is available for purchase now in the United States and France for $229.99 while supplies last. You will want to check your local laws and regulations to make sure you stay within the guidelines of drone usage in your area. At the time of this writing, the website,, where you are suppose to be able to purchase a Pixy as listed by Snapchat is not available.