Snap Intros Two New Spectacles Styles Making Them Akin To Regular Sunglasses

Snap is still trying to make its camera-equipped Spectacles a “thing” in the tech scene, and its latest release comes in the form of new styles for its Spectacles 2. Snap first launched the Spectacles 2 in April with just a single frame style in three colors. Today, Snap is announcing two new frame styles: Veronica and Nico
spectacles 2
Nico on the left, Veronica on the right

Both of these new styles look more traditional, which we’d imagine won’t immediately tip people off that your eyewear is capable of recording everything that you see. In addition to the new styles, the lenses are now polarized and they come with a new soft case instead of the previous hard case. What hasn’t changed is that you still receive a small yellow USB cable for charging the Spectacles (recharging takes about an hour).

While the style of the frames and includes accessories may have changed, the underlying hardware is still the same. That means that they still shoot in HD resolution (1216x1216), which is 25 percent increase in resolution compared to the first-generation Spectacles. In addition, there are two microphones and the eyewear is water-resistant. They can be used in the pool, but we wouldn’t recommend exposing them to water for long periods of time to avoid damage.

spectacles case

Snap is selling the new Veronica and Nico Spectacles today priced at $199, up from $149 for the regular Spectacles 2. They will initially be available only in limited quantities, with wide-scale availability opening up this fall. When the wide release takes place later this year, Snap will also make available Highlight Stories, which will automatically curate the best moments from footage captured throughout the day.