SmartThings Launches Open Platform To Let Your Phone Control Almost Anything

When you're dealing with a name such as SmartThings, it's hard to disregard it as something that won't make an impact in the world, right? This week, the company just mentioned made a big announcement by opening up a new platform to enable the "Internet of Things." Essentially, they're rolling out a Developer and Inventor toolkit to the public. Put simply, SmartThings helps turn your smartphone into the remote control for your everyday life. With the toolkit, developers can now build applications for the physical world that solve real problems and inventors can create new types of connected devices that integrate with the SmartThings platform.

The SmartThings platform can already help solve practical problems in your life such as alerting you when you forget to close the window when a storm is coming, adjusting the thermostat when you come/go, turning your lights on and off, closing the garage door when the car leaves, etc. SmartThings embraces and depends upon the developer and inventor community to continue to produce new and exciting use cases of its platform. So far the open community has created a SmartThings-controlled pet feeder, a baby mobile controlled via voice sensor, a movie theater remote to dim the lights and start the popcorn, and many more.

The SmartThings Developer & Inventor Toolkit includes everything needed to create and rollout new SmartThings, such as an open community at that enables collaboration with other developers and inventors around the world;open source examples for more than 50 SmartApps; training, documentation, and support from the SmartThings team; and afull web-based, integrated development environment (IDE). So, devs -- what are you waiting for?