SmartShopper Kitchen Minder Could Give Your Memory A Break

It's quirky, and it's weird. And it's not exactly a new CPU. But it's so off-the-wall, that it really has managed to capture our interest. It's sort of amazing to think about how archaic note-taking still is today in many instances, including the art of grocery shopping. The vast majority of people still pen lists to take down to the market, and if you forget your list, your whole trip is spent just trying to remember things. SmartShopper Electronics has just announced a new product to change that, and it could easily lead to far more advanced reminder applications.

The new SmartShopper device is considered a kitchen organizer, with 2500 pre-loaded items in the master library and an ability to learn new items/brands. Simply press record, speak the item you wish to add and select the correct item. Upon selection, SmartShopper will automatically categorize lists into common supermarket isles (i.e. dairy, fresh produce, etc.) for more efficient shopping trips. You can even customize the SmartShopper to print your list to match the layout of your favorite store. Users also have the option to designate item quantities and flag those for which they have coupons. Users can manage and store two separate lists simultaneously for multi-person households. Plus, as an added feature, the new SmartShopper has a built-in kitchen timer for further functionality. It even has an upgraded, built-in Samsung printer that uses thermal paper, so there’s no need for the added waste and inconvenience of having to change ink cartridges.

The ultra-slim magnetic device is small enough to adhere to most refrigerators (except stainless steel) and is also wall-mountable; it operates on four AA batteries and sells for $79.99. So much for training your memory!