Smartfish's Engage Keyboard Ships, Protects Your Wrists

Smartfish is definitely an interesting name for a company, but there's no question that the design of their newest keyboard is indeed "smart." The company has a thing for producing ergonomic devices, and the new Engage keyboard is definitely one that's friendly for the wrists. It's priced at $150, and has just recently started to ship in America. It relies on the company's ErgoMotion technology to provide less strain on your wrists and more comfort while typing during long sessions. The curved design is similar to that seen on select Logitech and Microsoft keyboards, but there's a new level of intelligence here that isn't found elsewhere.

It's considered an "intelligent" keyboard, which tracks your typing patterns and "determines slight adjustments it can make to ensure that your hands are never in a fixed state." It's even capable of adjusting itself in order to proactively safeguard someone who isn't typing in an ideal position. The $150 price tag may feel steep until you realize just how much this keyboard is capable of doing. It's more than just a dumb device; it's one that works with you in order to keep your hands typing for decades to come.