Smaller Apple TV Leaked Courtesy Of New FCC Filing

These days, it's getting easier and easier to sniff out surprises from Apple ahead of time. Despite Tim Cook's promise to "double down on secrecy," the company's insane growth has made it nigh impossible to prevent as many leaks as it did just years ago. But here's something that Apple can control: when the FCC discloses what Apple has ushered through there. Generally, Apple products pop up in the FCC's database just hours after launching on a stage somewhere in California. It has become just about like clockwork. But this week, something strange happened: a new Apple product was showcased in the FCC prior to it ever being introduced by Apple.

While rumors have been running rampant that Apple's TV efforts are getting more serious, it looks as if we still have at least one more generation of Apple TV to live through. The new FCC report shows a new Apple TV that's just a tiny bit smaller than the one that exists today. The model, shown to be A1469, seems to boast the same inputs, outputs, and internal wireless capabilities as the model Apple sells currently, but it's possible that this one will be markedly cheaper and could ship with a tweaked iOS build that adds some new channels. Of course, this may also just be an international version of the product. We'll be watching for more -- now that this has hit the FCC, it can't be long before Apple spills the beans.