Skype To Come Loaded On Future Nokia Phones

The world's favorite VoIP calling application is making a beeline for your next Nokia handset, and believe it or not, that's perfectly okay with Nokia. During last week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Skype and Nokia teamed up to jointly announced a new partnership that would bring the planet's "leading Internet communications experience to the Nokia range of mobile computers."

The deal lays out that Skype will be integrated from the factory into Nokia's flagship N97 starting in Q3 2009, and a number of other NSeries cellphones will be similarly equipped soon after that. We're told that the Skype experience will be "part of the address book of the Nokia N97 (pictured), enabling presence - seeing
when Skype contacts are online - as well as instant messaging." For those not in the know, having a Skype application onboard will enable Nokia owners to make and receive Skype calls over 3G or Wi-Fi with any other online Skype buddy, thus saving those precious minutes and keeping calls cheap while traveling abroad.

Scott Durchslag, Skype's Chief Operating Officer, stated that "making Skype available everywhere through mobile devices is essential to fulfilling our vision of enabling the world's conversations," and that "collaborating closely with Nokia to preload and integrate our software onto their devices will benefit the many Nokia customers who already use Skype, as it makes Skype easily accessible and simple to use on the go." Who knows, maybe this is just the first of many Skype-handset maker partnerships to come.

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