SkyDrive Hits 250-Million Users Mark

Microsoft announced a new milestone for its online storage service today: SkyDrive now has more than 250 million users. The company is pointing to Windows 8, which launched in the second half of 2012, as playing a key role in the recent rush of user signups. Microsoft took the opportunity to highlight important changes, such as better uploading speeds, a revamped iOS app, and making SkyDrive the default save location for Microsoft Office.

Microsoft's Timeline For SkyDrive
Microsoft released a timeline of SkyDrive's evolution. Image Credit: Microsoft

Although 250 million users is noteworthy, there’s plenty of room to grow: more than 700 million people have Microsoft accounts. What are they using, if not SkyDrive? Aside from people who are reluctant to store important documents in the cloud, many people store their files on Google Drive, Dropbox, and Apple iCloud, among others. It’s a crowded field, so the top companies are trying to set themselves apart with aggressive pricing (all of them start with free accounts and offer additional storage for a fee) and high storage caps. And Dropbox, a pioneer in this type of cloud storage, just announced its first developer conference.