Siri Joins Significantly Overhauled Apple TV Shipping in September

The Internet is abuzz over a new generation Apple TV set-top box that is rumored to be coming out in September. If what's said about the new streaming device turns out to be true, the next generation model will be a significant upgrade over the currently shipping model with an improved remote control in tow.

According to BuzzFeed's unnamed sources who are supposedly familiar with Apple's plans, the upgraded Apple TV box will be thinner and sport new hardware inside -- most notably, it will be built around Apple's A8 System-on-Chip (SoC). It will also sport more internal storage, an improved operating system, and support for Siri voice control.

Apple TV

This will be the first refresh since 2012. In addition to new innards, Apple is launching a "drastically improved" remote that sports touch-pad input. Apple will also give Apple TV its own App Store and software development kit (SDK) for app developers. Not to be taken lightly, Apple's focus on the software side could be a huge benefit to Apple TV in what's becoming an increasingly competitive market.

Apple's also been rumored to be working on a subscription-based Internet TV service, one that will play nice with its set-top box. However, the same sources leaking info about the next generation Apple TV say that it's unlikely Apple will announce anything about the subscription service until sometime next year.