Simon Cowell and to Launch X Factor for Geeks, In Search of the Next Bill Gates

Not every superstar has a great singing voice, so Simon Cowell and are starting a project that will highlight heroes who are more at home in a lab or a garage than on stage. So says, who described the new TV show as a place where young people can express themselves and cited mathematics and sciences as ways people might show their talents.

Given that Will.iAm referred to the project as “X Factor for tech,” it seems likely that the new show’s science and mathematics whizzes will be putting their talents in front of a judge or judges. Details about the show are hazy at the moment, including some important details, like whether the show will even be in the U.S., but it’s an interesting idea.

Simon Cowell Is Looking For The Next Bill Gates

Are you the next Bill Gates? Simon Cowell and want to have a very public chat with you.

With all the exciting tech appearing on Kickstarter and the like (and not to mention the tech startups making headlines), we bet our industries can come up with some really interesting and cool (well, our kind of cool) geeks. And X Factor for tech has to be better than most today’s TV.