Sick Of Farmville? Amazon Game Studios Has A New Game For You

Social game companies have been enduring plenty of negative press lately, but where the critics see a saturated marketplace, Amazon sees an opportunity. Today it launched Amazon Game Studios, which appears to be a direct competitor to the likes of Zynga. The new team, which has apparently been working in secret for awhile, also announced its first game for Facebook.

Amazon Games Studios Launches Living Classics

Living Classics, as the game is called, involves reuniting a family of foxes in scenes from classic stories.  It's hard to say whether the animated scenes are going to attract masses of players in the coming weeks, but the game, which is free to play, has clearly been given a lot of thought by Amazon's new games team. And all the elements of popular social games are there, including rewards, the ability to share game elements with other palyers, and the sense that you're building something.

If your first thought was, "Hey, are they hiring?" The answer is yes. Check out the blog post for the email address.