Shuttle XPC SD31P, VapoChill Micro, RaidMax Ninja 918 and More!

Shuttle XPC SD31P SFF system review @ Xtreme Resources:

"After the release of new CPUs and technologies, every company had to evolve their products and refresh their line-up. Shuttle was no exception too, although perhaps they had the hardest of time making the move, since they had to fit every new technology (ranging from Dual Core CPU support to SATA-II support) into a tiny box. So the masterful engineers of Shuttle designed the SD31P; an XPC claiming to be a pocket-size supercomputer, versatile and powerful enough to fit any house and office. Since Shuttle was nice enough to provide us with a review sample of the SD31P, we can see up close what this baby can do."

asetek VapoChill Micro @ Viperlair:

"The performance is the real story, as the asetek VapoChill Micro excelled in our testing, specifically when used with their Extreme Performance fan. Yes, it is noisy, but if you want to sacrifice a bit of cooling, by all means go for the Low Noise setup."

RaidMax Ninja 918 ATX Gaming Case @

"Once again RaidMax has offered up a solid performing case with an excellent fit and finish. The power supply and AGP/PCI expansion card locking system are both improved over previous models and the Ninja 918 has a stylish look that will attract attention without being over done."

State Of Information Security @ The TechZone:

"One might think that years after such a devastating loss of lives, property and information there would be dramatic differences and improvements in the way businesses strive to protect their employees, assets, and data. However, changes have been more gradual than many had expected. "Some organizations that should have received a wakeup call seemed to have ignored the message," says one information security professional who prefers to remain anonymous. A look at some of the trends that have been developing over the years since September 11th reveals signs of change for the better--although the need for more information security advancement is abundantly clear."

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