Shuttle ST20G5, TurboCool 850, Sony DRU800A & More

Good morning HH fans. BW here, dropping in with your morning serving of hardware goodness. We've got a lot going on behind the scenes here today, so I'm going to jump right in and get some of the more interesting items posted ASAP.

 Shuttle ST20G5 Review @ [H]: (They weren't too pleased with this one!)

"I work with computer systems every day that have to be tweaked or fine tuned in order to make them work right. The Shuttle ST20G5 and its stable operation was beyond my abilities. I feel as though the ULi southbridge took what could have been a great low cost system and turned it into a pile of frustration and confusion."

 Logitech MX1000 Wireless Laser Mouse @ ASE Labs:

"Logitech puts out some great peripherals. I look at my desk and I see that I have speakers, a mouse, a keyboard , and a joystick from Logitech. The MX line of mice from Logitech is simply the best ever made. I took a long hard look at the MX700 when it came out and it is, quite arguably, the best mouse ever. Now, Logitech aims to dethrone its own mouse with the new MX1000."

 PC Power and Cooling TurboCool 850 SSI PSU Review @ Madshrimps:

"PC Power and Cooling has repeatedly earned the title as the finest quality PSU money can buy. Their most recent offering epitomizes the company´s devotion to designing a power supply which will last for years, delivering steadfast current under any and all conditions. Using only the highest quality parts and building each unit by hand their new TurboCool 850 SSI has, as with previous models, raised the bar on how to build the very best."

 Sony DRU-800A Writer Review @ DesignTechnica:

"The Sony DRU-800A is the first DVD writer in our labs supporting both DVD+/- R Dual Layer (DL) media. This mean the 800A has some longevity in the grand scheme of things. DVD-R DL media is most likely not available at the time of this review, but expect prices to be around the same mark they were when DVD+R DL hit the scene; roughly $10 dollars per disc. With a street price of around $120 dollars, The Sony DRU-800A comes with two faceplates and a software package by Nero."

 Sony PSP Playstation Portable Review @ The Tech Zone:

"The first impression one gets from the PSP (once you've ravenously clawed your way through the packaging) is just how sleek the system is. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, the PSP is one seriously sexy piece of cutting-edge tech."

 Toshiba Libretto, Small, Smaller, Smallest @ HardwareAnalysis:

"Notebooks haven't changed much in size the past few years, Toshiba now ships a notebook that's about half the size of a regular notebook, but offers more than half the performance and just about all of the features."

All right, that's going to have to do it for this installment.  We've got some new content on the way though, so make sure to stop back a little later today.  Dell sent over an XPS Gen2 and we've taken it for a little spin.  You're going to want to check it out...

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