Shuttle Plans Smaller SFF

SFF vendor Shuttle is spreading word that the company will be introducing a new SFF platform that is even smaller than their conventional XPC systems. Aimed squarely at the living room, it is likely that these new systems will place a large emphasis on aesthetics and low-noise such that the PC belnds nicely with the other home theater components in the room. Unfortunately, no significant details have been shared thus far, though we imagine the rumor mill will be coming up to speed shortly.

"We have introduced the world's first SFF PC five years ago and thus have invented the small form factor. The time to set another milestone has arrived: a new form-factor will help Shuttle to make the new Shuttle XPCs even smaller and even more quiet with special regard to the living room, where Shuttle XPCs can seamlessly be integrated," said Melanie Liu, marketing chief of Shuttle's European subsidiary.
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