Shuttle M2000 Spotted

With Shuttle announcements and news seemingly all over the news this week, it should be no surprise to hear that the company has yet another new model on the horizon. As a direct replacement for Shuttle's original M1000 HTPC, a new and updated M2000 model is set to make its debut. The latest iteration of the full-size HTPC will incorporate an Intel Core Duo CPU, DDR2 memory, Soundblaster LIVE! audio, and rely on a GeForce 6600LE GPU for graphics power. At this time Shuttle is claiming that these specs are still possible to change, though with a launch at CeBIT more than likely this assortment of hardware is probably what we'll see showing up in retail.

The M2000 squeezes in twin TV tuners and a fully functional Windows XP Media Center Edition system into a box designed to replace your DVD player, set-top box and music centre.
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