Shoulder Surfers Put On Notice

As far as your Cash Machine is concerned, we'd all be better off if we were blind. "Shoulder Surfers," i.e. people that watch over your shoulder to capture your pin numbers,are a fact of life. Well, they won't like researchers at Queen's University Belfast's new tactile security system:

Computer engineers at Queen's University Belfast, UK, developed the tactile security system - a mouse with a grid of 16 mechanically-controlled pins that sit beneath the first and second finger of a user's hand. The system was originally developed for visually impaired computer users. Its designers claim the system is more secure than a conventional keyboard as it is impossible for anyone to spy on a user's keystrokes. To use the system a user moves the mouse over a grid of nine blank squares displayed on a computer screen. Rolling over each square causes a different pattern to appear under their fingertips.

There are bad people everywhere that want to steal your stuff. Luckily, there are smart people everywhere working to help you keep it, too. Now if they could only find the guy who takes all the donuts from the break room without paying.

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