Sharp to Set Record for World's Largest Capacity Disc

We've sure come a long way since the days of 1.44MB floppy disks and the like. Beginning July 30, 2010, Sharp will beginning selling its VR-100BR1 triple-layer Blu-ray disc media, a write-once disc capable of storing up to 100GB of data.

"This disc media product conforms to the new BDXL format specification that extends the storage capacity of Blu-ray discs to 100GB, twice the 50GB storage capacity of existing dual-layer discs," Sharp said. "This new format enables recording approximately 12 hours of terrestrial digital TV broadcasts or approximately 8.6 hours of BS digital TV broadcasts."

This ranks as the world's first triple-layer Blu-ray media to come with 100GB of storage capacity. To keep all that data safe, Sharp says its VR-100BR1 discs will come with a "hard coat" process to prevent scratches and fingerprint contamination.

All this technology comes at a price, however, and users living in Japan can expect to pay about 5,000 yen (US$60) per disc.