Sharp Reveals Monster 90" 1080p HDTV: On Sale Now For $11,000

Most of the time, companies have extol their new devices, and explain why Product A is superior to Product B. But sometimes, you do things like this. Sharp has just introduced the "largest TV on the planet." And really, need we say more? Actually, we do. There are without question TV sets out there larger than this one, but you won't find any as close to these in terms of pricing and consumer-friendliness. The new AQUOS LED TV (model LC-90LE745U) is a 90" beast of a screen, that stands nearly 4' tall and spans 6' 8" wide. The panel is 1080p (shame it's not 4K!), and it weighs a whopping 141 pounds. The 90" class AQUOS features Sharp's proprietary SmartCentral, offering direct access to the most popular apps and video on demand from services like Netflix, YouTube, CinemaNow, Hulu Plus and VUDU. There's also built-in web browsing, Skype and Wi-Fi.

The asking price? $10,999.99, which actually isn't too high considering that most of the 100"+ sets are well over $20k. Too early to add on your Christmas 2012 list? Nah.
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