Sharp Laying Off 5,000 While Shifting Focus To Smaller Screens

These aren't easy times for Sharp. The company has been reeling for years now, and this isn't the first occasion where we've heard that Sharp may need to take drastic measures just to remain afloat. The latest report suggests that around 5,000 Sharp employees will soon be heading for the exits, with directors and advisory roles being hit the hardest. Also, it'll shift production to a three-year plan to hopefully recover in time.

Most of Sharp's job losses will mount overseas. With around 51,000 employees, 5,000 isn't a huge percentage, but it'll still be felt. The main office in Osaka will see around half of its staff cut, with directors cut from 12 to 6. Product-wise, the company plans to "focus more on small-sized panels for smartphones and other devices, which have more added value."

Sharp is hoping to get back into gear by 2015, but it won't be easy nor enjoyable.
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