Sharp Goes Large With 20" BIG PAD Multi-Touch Display

These days, it seems like tablet and panel makers are doing everything they can to be the best at being small. But Sharp, the company responsible for a 90" HDTV, has other plans. The LL-S201A "BIG PAD" was just revealed, and it's a 20" LCD-backlit screen that can handle ten-point multi-touch input, and ships with a stylus that measures 2mm at the tip. What's it for? Almost anything, evidently. You can use it as a digital sketchpad, a secondary touch-enabled monitor, or perhaps the world's wildest laptop if you have the right hacking skills. The unit boasts a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, and also touts a 3000:1 contrast ratio nad 5ms response time. You can feed it signal over HDMI or DisplayPort, and should ship in Japan early next year. We can hardly wait to see if any OEMs take this and integrate it into full-bodied products.