Sharp Develops First LCD with a 7680x4320 Native Resolution

Don't tell your HDTV this, but Sharp, along with NHK (a Japanese broadcaster) developed an 85-inch LCD TV that's the first direct-view display to support a native 7680x4320 resolution (33-megapixels). That renders the set compatible with Super Hi-Vision, a next generation broadcast format NHK has been working on for more than a decade.

Talk about HDTV envy. Sharp's set boasts 16X the resolution of a traditional 1080p set, even if that's jumping the gun a little bit. NHK won't begin sending out Super Hi-Vision broadcasts until 2020. Super Hi-Vision supports 22.2 channels of sound and requires lots of bandwidth (24Gbps) to deliver all that content.

"The combination of the Sharp technology and NHK’s expertise and know-how in Super Hi-Vision will make possible ultra-detailed, super-high-quality images," Sharp said. "The incredibly detailed images on the giant screen will immerse the viewer in a virtual-reality-like experience."

Though the resolution and, to a lesser extent, the screen size are both out of this world, the set's other specs are a bit more pedestrian. The UVA panel produces 300 cd/m2 brightness and 10-bits per color.