Sharp Delivers 4K 32-Inch Touchpanel for Precision Pen Input

It's becoming ever more clear that 4K technology will gain some serious traction once it penetrates the mainstream with reasonable pricing, and if televisions weren't enough, Sharp's hoping to garner some attention with a new touchscreen LCD monitor. The new PN-K322B is a 32" LCD with a full 4K resolution (3840x2160), and yes, you can touch it. Assuming you can afford one, of course.

Its high-precision touchscreen allows accurate onscreen handwriting of fine text and lines, with writing performed via a dedicated touch pen with a pen-tip width of just 2 mm. The display also supports multi-touch operation. The PN-K322B features a palm cancellation function that prioritizes pen input even when the user's hand is resting on the touchscreen, and input connectors are compatible with the latest DisplayPort and HDMI interface specifications.

It'll ship initially in Japan, but we suspect that professionals the world over will be clamoring for one shortly. So long, 1080p -- you had a nice ride.
Tags:  Touch-screen, Sharp, 4ktv