Sharkoon USB LANPort Brings USB Hard Drives Online

Sharkoon is best known for its HDD Docks, which enable internal 3.5" HDDs to be quickly accessed outside of a PC. The company's latest product, however, has little to do with connecting hard drives to actual rigs via the traditional methods and lots more to do with making your existing drives accessible over the Internet.

The Sharkoon USB LANPort is essentially another form of the Pogoplug that the world has grown to know and love. Basically, it's a USB network adapter that connects a USB port with a LAN. In short, it connects any USB flash drive or USB hard drive with the 'Net, making any USB storage device you have a NAS drive. Two models are available, with the first offering one USB port and the other four USB ports.

Both devices are now available over in Europe, though there's no word on when they'll ship to North America.

Sharkoon USB LANPort: USB network adapter connects a USB port with a LAN / two models available with either one or four USB ports / MSRP 22.99 euros

Sharkoon now offers two affordable yet convenient USB-LAN adapters which can easily integrate non-network devices - such as printers, external hard drives or memory sticks - into your home or office networks: The Sharkoon USB LANPorts are equipped with an RJ45 connector, either one or four accessible USB ports, and are simply connected between the Ethernet and USB peripherals. In order for network users to access the attached USB device properly, the provided server software, as well as the respective device drivers, if necessary, must be installed on the individual computers.

The Sharkoon USB LANPort supports both automatic and manual IP address contacts and by default enables the automatic IP addresses via DHCP. The software menu allows users to connect the individual device to one?s own computer and use it as if it were directly connected to your PC. If another user needs to access the equipment at the same time, they can simply send a request for release of the device to the current user and then obtain access.

The Sharkoon USB LANPorts possess a power LED, a reset button and a magnetic back plate.  It?s compact and simple design allows it to be conveniently attached to a PC-Tower or to any other magnetic surface. Supplied within the shipment includes a Tool CD including detailed instructions, a patch cable, and an AC adapter for the power supply.

End customers will find the Sharkoon USB LANPort available immediately from authorized retailers:

Sharkoon USB LANPort 100        MSRP 22.99 euros
Sharkoon USB LANPort 400        MSRP 36.99 euros

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