Sharkoon Reveals Quad-Channel USB 3.0 Sticks For Extreme Speeds

Believe it or not, we have actually heard of a quad-channel USB 3.0 stick before. They certainly aren't "everywhere" yet, but they're becoming increasingly popular as more and more notebooks start to ship with USB 3.0 ports. Sharkoon, an accessories and peripherals company, has just introduced their newest USB stick, a USB 3.0 device that has write rates of up to 70MB/sec, read rates of up to 110MB/sec and arrives in two sizes: 32GB and 64GB.

These aren't giant drives that could be easily used as notebook backup drivers, but they're still sizable enough to carry around your essential documents and/or media. It only ships in one color, a dark grey aluminum, and has a protective cap and keychain slot. It weighs but 16 grams, and should be on sale soon for 69.90 euros (32 GB) and 124.90 euros (64 GB) from authorized retailers.

Sharkoon Flexi-Drive Accelerate Duo: Write rate 70 MB/s, Read rate 110 MB/s  Memory size: 32 and 64 GB | MSRP 69.90 euros (32 GB) and 124.90 euros (64 GB)

Sharkoon has expanded their SuperSpeed interface product line and presents another USB3.0 stick: The Sharkoon Flexi-Drive Accelerate Duo provides a read rate of up to 110 MB/s and a write rate of up to 70 MB/s. Therefore this memory stick is around ten times faster than the average USB2.0 models.

The high data rates of the Sharkoon Flexi-Drive Accelerate Duo is owed to its efficient USB3.0 Single Chip Controller with Quad Channel Architecture. The memory stick is cased in a high-quality, dark grey aluminum housing with protective cap and keychain eyelet, measures 72 x 19 x 8 and weighs 16 grams. Both 32 GB and 64 GB memory sizes are available.

End customers will find the Sharkoon Flexi-Drive Accelerate Duo available immediately for the suggested manufacturers retail price of 69.90 euros (32 GB) and 124.90 euros (64 GB) from authorized retailers.
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