Sgnl Watchstrap Transmits Sound Through Your Fingertip For Private Phone Calls

Innomdle Labs is at CES 2018 and the company is showing off a production version of the Sgnl smart watchstrap. The strap is designed to conduct the sound from your smartphone call up your arm and focus it into the tip of your finger. When you get a call and press the tip of your finger to your ear, you can hear the audio.

sgnl strap use

The company says that the tech keeps your calls completely private and prevents you from having to dig your smartphone out of a pocket. It might be an interesting alternative for people who hate having to plug Bluetooth earbuds into their ear to take a call. Sgnl would also be great for people who use in-car Bluetooth systems and don't want to allow everyone you are riding with to hear your conversation.

sgnl strap bend

Sgnl is designed to work with the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Apple Watch, but can be used with any regular watch as well. Reports indicate there is a standalone version at CES as well. The strap connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and has a small battery inside good for about 3.5 hours of talk time per charge.

The band has the ability to store contacts for five people, so you can dial without having to take out your phone and has an integrated microphone, though it's not clear exactly how that dialing works. The band also works with an app on the smartphone to track physical activity and give users call reminders. A version called the Sgnl S aims at regular watches and adds activity tracking features. Innomdle Lab, which is the very first spin-off for the Samsung Electronics C-Lab, has offered no details on pricing or availability.