SFF Round-Up, Antec's Overture & More X800 Pro

Good morning folks!  I know Jay was just here a little while ago, but the news is piling up today, so I thought I'd hammer out another shot of the good stuff!  We've got some more interesting tid-bits from around the web right now, and a little later we'll be back with some fresh content of our own.  So stay tuned...

 X800Pro to X800XT Mod Guide @ PCUnleash.Com: <--- If you've done this mod, and it works, let me know!

"Since their advent, ATI's graphic cards have always commanded a lot of attention from the public. The new X800pro is no exception to this rule. While X800 Pro is now out at the market, many people are now considering the possibility that it can be transformed into the superior X800XT. After all, the underlying structures of the X800pro and the XT are quite similar. I am quite positive that the mod can be done, because I have succeeded, myself, in making the X800Pro into the X800XT PE. Allow us to show you how to do it yourself."

 VisionTek Radeon X800Pro Video Card Review @ Hard|OCP.Com:

"VisionTek's new X800Pro video card evaluated using seven popular game titles while focusing on real-world gameplay performance and image quality. ATI's Radeon X800Pro and NVIDIA's GeForce 6800Ultra are compared within.

Also you will want to consider that VisionTek is a USA-based company that has toll-free phone support during normal business hours, and they back their cards with a lifetime warranty that we have seen them stand behind."

 Ars Technica System Guide: Small Form Factor systems:

"One of the most recent innovations in PCs has been the Small Form Factor (SFF) case. This month, the Ars System Guide explores the world of SFF systems. Fairly ordinary by most standards, standard components plug straight into these barebone systems, which makes building one straightforward. They generally come with a single optical drive bay and a hard drive bay, space for two sticks of RAM, and oftentimes with an AGP and PCI slot for some expandability."

 Antec Overture @ Legit Reviews:

"I would have to say right off the bat that this is one of the nicest looking cases I have seen! The case has a high gloss black finish on the top and sides. The front is plastic and as you can see is a silver color. This thing is heavy-duty as well. It is made out of steel and has the weight to prove it! Fortunately, the weight of this case likely will not really matter because most will use this case for an HTPC (Home Theatre PC). Let's look at the features of this case."

 Creative Gives Zen a Touchpad @ EverythingUSB:

"We found out Creative posted some information regarding the new Zen Touch. The new Zen improves the battery life to 24 hrs and navigation with touch pad, but it starts at 20GB capacity. It is also marginally smaller than the NOMAD Zen Xtra. Oh, it's Hi-Speed USB interfaced."

OK, that's all for now.  Be back in a bit.  Be cool brothers and sisters...

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