Serious Sam 2 Gets A Massive Update 15 Years After Release With New Weapons And Maps

serious sam 2
Serious Sam 2 was released over 15 years ago, but this week, it receives a massive update for diehard fans. The developers even acknowledge that it has been “five billion years” since the game last received a “proper update,” and we’d imagine that those that still play the game (or have long relegated it to the digital recycle bin) weren’t expecting an update.

Developer Croteam says that the new 2.90 Update brings niceties like dual-wielding weapons, an enemy multiplier, and a dozen new multiplayer maps (among other additions). One of the new weapons is the BeamGun, which is based on the Ghost Buster from the original Serious Sam concept and a flamethrower. Sam can finally sprint and rocket jump, and there’s a new radar to keep you on track during missions.

In a blog update posted to Steam, Croteam member Nathan “DwK” Brown explained that he pitched the idea to revisit Serious Sam 2 with one last hurrah for gamers. And surprisingly, the higher-ups at Croteam said “yes.”

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“I had some downtime after Sam 4 was released and was looking through the Serious Sam 2 Steam forum posts, and I thought the game could use a little love,” said DwK. “It’s the game that really turned me into a game developer.” DwK has originally envisioned a simple patch to fix a few lingering bugs plaguing the game like profile corruption, but it turned out to be a much bigger endeavor. While DwK says that the design/development process for the Serious Sam 2 2.90 Update “Punched [him] in the face. Hard,” it was well worth it for the scores of fans that are still enamored with the game.

To see the full changelog for Serious Sam 2 Update 2.90, be sure to visit the following link.

And for those of you that haven’t yet experienced the greatness of Serious Sam 2, you can currently download it from Steam for 80 percent off, taking it down to just $1.99.