Self-Repairing Film In The Pipeline For Touch Panels

Gorilla Glass is great, sure, but it's not flawless, and it's still possible to damage and crack. But what if electronics could repair themselves? It sounds like a pipe dream, and indeed it is, but it may not be as far-fetched as you think. Toray Advanced Film Co. will reportedly begin to sell a self-curing coat film, which is said to be able to "self-repair small scratches in earnest." So far, the company has supplied the film to a number of smaller applications, and evidently things have turned out so well that commercial production is in the pipeline. It seems that touch panels are first in line, and considering how many scuffs we've seen on our own phones around here, it makes sense to aim here first.

There aren't any real details on how the film works its magic (not surprising -- that's the trade secret), but there's no question that pundits will evaluate the reality of the claims soon after it truly launches. No word on plans for implementation, but you'll no doubt hear about it if it comes to fruition.