Seiko Epson's Colorio Me Combines Printer With Photo Frame

Um, okay? Just when we thought the digital photo frame market was hitting rock bottom in terms of innovation, Seiko Epson (of all companies!) swoops in to show us why we're wrong. For years now, the digital photo frame has become a low-rate item used to gift strangers at Christmas when you don't know what else to get. It was once a cutting-edge technology, but a lack of innovation in the sector has caused it to fall flat.

Seiko Epson is evidently eager to spark things back up, with its new Colorio Me printer actually doubling as a digital photo frame. This is just one example of the outfit hoping to make printers more like home appliances than peripheral devices for PCs, and considering that HP just released its first printer with widgets and an "app store," we'd say it better get on the ball if it plans to keep pace.

The Colorio Me can print 89 x 127mm pictures and showcase digital photos on its 7" display. The screen can also be used to show a calendar, play back a slideshow and who knows what else. We're expecting this unit to also have Wi-Fi (for wireless printing and image sharing), though we can't say just yet when it'll be released and for how much. 'Tis a shame--this could've been the next big holiday hit. Or, we guess it still could be if that ship date comes in a hurry.