Seiki Brings 50" 4K HDTV To Market With Low $1300 Price Tag

3D HDTVs never really went anywhere, and most folks outside of the marketing world would probably tell you that they aren't surprised. But the next major leap in television technology may be on the verge of hitting the mainstream: 4K. While 4K projectors have been around for years and have already infiltrated many cinemas, few consumer-level units have been produced. But that's changing, and fast.

Seiki has just introduced a new 50" 4K HDTV that's instantly different than the rivals coming out from LG, Sharp and Sony. Instead of costing well north of $10,000, this set is listed for just $1,299. That's right -- for the price of a fancy 1080p set, you can get a 4K set. We'd probably wait for a few reviews to crop up to make sure it's worthwhile, but at that price, it's going to put some serious pressure on the big boys to match it.
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