Sega Calls Crazy Taxi Reboot A Triple-A Game, Fasten Your Retro Seat Belts

hero sega crazy taxi remake image
Fans of Sega’s iconic Crazy Taxi video game are fastening their seatbelts in anticipation of a return of the classic, and often chaotic, game that Sega is calling a triple-A title. Crazy Taxi first appeared in arcades in 1999, before making its way to consoles like Sega’s own Dreamcast.

Anyone who owned a Dreamcast more than likely owned a copy of Crazy Taxi, a game that allowed players to be as reckless as they wanted as they sped around town, delivering passengers to their destinations. In fact, players were rewarded for being reckless, in that they were given points for performing crazy car stunts along the way. Now, the game is being rebooted by Sega in what the company calls “triple-A” fashion.

Crazy Taxi, along with other titles such as Jet Set Radio, Shinobi, and Streets of Rage, were showcased in an announcement trailer by the company a couple of months ago. The video, titled “Power Surge: Sega Reveal Trailer,” highlighted gameplay of the upcoming titles with the tagline, “New Era, New Energy.”

In a recent interview, Tagaya Segawa, the president of the studio responsible for the Crazy Taxi reboot, remarked, “We’re responsible for titles such as Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis and Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! in cooperation with the bases in Tokyo and overseas.” He added, “We are also participating in the development of Triple-A tiles, including Crazy Taxi.”

In December, Sega remarked that its rebooted Crazy Taxi game will offer “innovative and fresh style driving action” that will provide players with a “cheerful feeling of freedom” entangled with the “fusion of nature and city.” The company added, “Peel out the new stage of Crazy City!”

As of right now, it does not appear there is a clear timeline for the release of the reboot for Crazy Taxi. One thing can be assured, however, and that is fans of old are already preparing for the chaos and crashes that is Crazy Taxi, and probably hoping that the AAA branding does not bring AAA pricing.