This App Could Allow You To Create Thousands Of Virtual Hackintosh Machines

security researcher creates imac pro serial code generator for researchers and enthusiasts
An anonymous security researcher who goes by the handle Sick Codes is gaining attention again. The last time we saw them, they found a backdoor into TCL Android TVs, but now they have moved onto Apple devices. The researcher created a tool that generates "macOS valid serials, uuids, and board serials" and posted it to GitHub. This could help speed up development and research in the Apple ecosystem, although it totally flies in the face of Apple licensing guidelines.

macOS is not an operating system people typically think of when it comes to scaling or even virtualization. Developers and researchers would typically need to buy an Apple product to get their hands on macOS, unlike Windows or Linux, where one could spin up several boxes. That is all changing, however, with Docker-OSX and the recently added OSX Serial Generator that makes life easier.

security researcher creates imac pro serial code generator for researchers and enthusiasts serial codes

When it comes to virtualizing and experimenting with macOS, users would have to guess and check serial codes so that they could use Apple tools like iMessage, the App Store, and others. Docker-OSX, paired with OSX Serial Generator, eliminates the need for any guesswork or trial and error when it comes to creating virtual macOS boxes. One can generate valid serial codes, specifically iMac Pro serial codes, by the thousands with ease. Sick Codes spoke with Vice and explained that they have "15 iMac Pros in [their] Apple account now, and it says that they're all valid for iMessage."

So, what does this mean for end-users and researchers alike? First and foremost, it opens up the doors for easier security research, development, or creating an army of disposable Hackintosh machines. Whatever your preference, this provides easier access to the Apple ecosystem. 

Interestingly, this comes when Apple is discontinuing the iMac Pro and is also changing the serial number scheme in the future. Perhaps this will throw a wrench into the current situation, but for now, anyone can whip up macOS boxes relatively cheaply and easily. In any case, let us know what you think of Docker-OSX, and the ability to easily virtualize macOS, in the comments below.