Secret SMS Replicator Booted from the Android Market; Would Forward SMSes Secretly

Clearly, this is an app that would have helped Elin Nordegren find out just what Rachel Uchitel was texting to Tiger Woods. The app, Secret SMS Replicator, installs and leave no trace (icon, notication, anything) but forwards all incoming text messages to a second phone.

However, while it entered the Android Market on Wednesday, it was also pulled from the Android Market on Wednesday. Google punted it from the Market, saying that the application had been suspended effective Wednesday evening because it “violates the Android Market Content Policy.” The app had been $4.99 in the Android Market prior to that.

The app was booted, but the Facebook page for Secret SMS Replicator still describes it:
This app allows your phone the ability to automatically forward all your incoming text messages to other phones. Simply enter in the phone numbers you want to forward to and all of your incoming messages will be forwarded automatically.
Interestingly, the company told the New York Times they couldn't create an app for the iPhone because it would never make it past the App Store approval process. While there isn't such a process in the Android Market, that doesn't meant that if an app makes it into the Market it will stay there. Watch a video on how it was supposed to work.