Second Android Phone Indefinitely Delayed

The Kogan Agora, which was to be the second Google Android phone released, has been delayed indefinitely.

We wrote about the company and the phone earlier; Kogan Technologies is an Australian based, online-only retailer, and it says on its profile page it cuts out all the middle-men so it can offer great deals. It was founded two years ago by Ruslan Kogan.

While the phone looked great, and the specs were great, and the pricing was great ($193 and $258 for the Agora and Agora Pro, respectively, in U.S. dollars, unlocked), the company was undoubtedly being ambitious, given its size.

Here's what the company said on its blog:
The Agora did reach a very late stage of development. Manufacturing had commenced and it was a matter of days from being shipped to you. However, it now seems certain the Agora in it's current form will limit its compatibility and interoperability in the near future.

One of the potential issues is the screen size and resolution. It seems developers will be creating applications that are a higher resolution than the Agora is currently capable of handling.

I am sorry for this delay, but in the interest of doing things right by the Kogan brand promise, and you, the customers, I cannot disappoint you by supplying a product that I am aware will shortly have significant limitations.
The company indicated they would continue development, but there's no information on when a redesigned version of the device will arrive. Too bad, it looked Blackjack-ish and attractive, but we have to admit: this is not a surprising development.