Seagate Launches High Capacity Terascale and 10K RPM Hard Drives for Enterprise

In a perfect world, solid state drives (SSDs) would offer the same capacity as mechanical hard drives for the same or similar price, but we don't live in a perfect world. Mechanical hard disk drives (HDDs) still offer the best bang-for-buck, and due to their large capacities, they're often desirable in the enterprise environments. So it goes with Seagate's new Terascale HDD and Enterprise Performance 10K HDD v7, a pair of drives optimized for emerging cloud infrastructures and large scale data centers.

"Over the next eight years, the capacity shipped into the cloud will double and by 2020 personal and enterprise clouds will account for greater than 60 percent of the total storage capacity shipped. With this huge shift of capacity to the cloud, storage providers will need to deploy more storage quickly all while increasing capacity and lowering energy costs," said Scott Horn, Seagate vice president of marketing. "Engineered with this mind, these new drives deliver on all fronts providing high capacity-to-power ratios and ensuring consistent performance at an affordable cost— making them an ideal solution for the cloud."

Seagate Terascale

The Terascale offers the highest capacity (4TB) available in a 3.5-inch enterprise-class SATA HDD, according to Seagate. It's built for 24x7 replicated environments and boasts ultra-low power consumption, high vibration tolerance, an optimized 6Gbps interface, and easy drive disposal or repurposing.

Seagate's Enterprise Performance 10K HDD v7 is a 2.5-inch 10K RPM drive for mission critical applications. It offers 1.2TB of data storage, purportedly delivers one of the highest GB/watt power optimization and cooling costs in a 2.5-incn enterprise 10K HDD, and sports a 6Gbps SAS interfaces.