Seagate Introduces Replica PC Backup Appliance

In an effort to help make backing up one’s data easier, Seagate introduced the Replica backup appliance today. Seagate claims the Replica completely eliminates the need to manually learn, manage, or dedicate any time to the backup process.

The Seagate Replica backup appliance is a complete PC backup system that can automatically and continuously store up-to-date copies of everything on a PC including applications, the OS, email, pictures, music, movies, Internet favorites, and settings.

To use the Seagate Replica, all a person has to do is connect the appliance via a USB cable and accept the software license. The Replica Backup System will run behind the scenes to back up your PC. If you leave the Replica attached to your computer, it can perform a continuous and complete system back up.

“While people continue to amass digital content, many still don’t understand the importance of backing up their libraries of personal memories, or they don’t take the time,” says Terry Cunningham, senior vice president, Seagate Branded Solutions. “Our goal is to deliver solutions that provide thorough backup protection yet are easy to use, time-efficient and simple to understand, and the Seagate Replica is about as easy as it gets.”

The Seagate Replica comes in two configurations—one for a single PC and one for multiple PCs in a household. The multi-PC version of Seagate Replica backup appliance comes with a dock and is available for a MSRP of $199.99. A single-PC version of the Seagate Replica is available for a MSRP of $129.99. The Seagate Replica Backup System will be available in May.