SD Card Slot Acts As Boot Device On New MBPs

It's a real pet peeve of ours. You know, the inability to install Windows XP onto an optical-drive-less netbook without all sorts of funky workarounds on a USB flash drive. Thus, we couldn't help but smile when we heard that the all new SD card slots on the new line of MacBook Pro notebooks allows for users to boot directly from their Secure Digital card. A huge convenience, for sure.

While Apple was pushing the addition of an SD card slot as useful for digital camera owners, hackers and enhusiasts have another reason to celebrate. Apple itself has now clarified that the new SD slot can be used as boot devices for Mac OS X, which provides an awesome backup in case something goes awry and you don't have your OS X boot disc nearby.

Oh, and we're totally blowing smoke here, but wouldn't such an addition be amazing on, say, an Apple tablet or netbook? We know Mr. Steve Jobs is totally against making either of those, but hey, we won't complain if you change your mind!