Scout For Traffic Jams, Annoy And Terrify With Renault's Concept Car Drone Buddy

Car maker Renault took the wraps off of a new concept car called the Kwid. The crossover is immediately noticeable for its bold gray-and-yellow color scheme and gull-wing doors, but if you look closely, you’ll notice another prime feature: A drone.

Yep, this car is designed to have a little drone buddy that putters along with it. The “Flying Companion” as Renault calls it can be launched out of the roof along a pre-programmed flight to scout the traffic ahead, obstacles, and other potential concerns. (It would also be guaranteed to alternately terrify or annoy the various other drivers populating the same road.)

Renault Kwid concept drone

The Kwid itself is the proof of concept for a mini-SUV platform that’s designed to be fun and inexpensive, targeted at younger buyers. It won’t be manufactured as-is, but the platform should find it way to market at some point next year, probably in India.

Renault Kwid concept

There’s no word on whether or not the drone will be included, although we’ll assume that it’s just stunt that won’t end up in any final designs. Still, it’s notable that car makers are considering drones at all.
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