Scotty Beam Me Up, OnBeep Communicator Wearable Lets You Connect Like Capt. Kirk

When it comes to science fiction, Star Trek has inspired many types of technology. There are those who are trying to create tricorders, tractor beams, and even attempting to build a Star Trek-like computer. Now you can add Star Trek communicators to the list.

While we have already seen flip-open cellphones that are reminiscent of Captain Kirk’s communicator, even in Star Trek, the device had evolved to a push-to-talk commbadge that Picard and his crew employed. Now, a company called OnBeep has created a push-to-talk communications device that works just like a commbadge by simply touching it to talk to someone.

Image Credit: OnBeep

Designated Onyx, the clip-on device connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and will let you chat with a group of people. Simply push the button and it will deliver instant group communication anywhere. In addition, the Onyx also features a volume-control bar and a muting switch. It is small and lightweight by measuring 60mm wide by 26mm tall with a battery life of about 12 hours and weighs only 46 grams.

“When people work together, nothing beats actually talking to each other in real-time,” said OnBeep CEO Jesse Robbins. “Onyx enhances the way people communicate, delivering effortless, group collaboration, using the power of your voice.”

The device works in conjunction with the OnBeep app that lets users create, manage, and communicate with groups. Available on Android and iOS devices, the app also allows users to share their location on a map and their status.
Robbins believes that the Onyx will revitalize digital voice tech, which is already seeing a resurgence with companies such as Apple and Facebook implementing voice messaging to their apps. But while it makes chatting with friends or co-workers easier by simply pushing a button, and not having to pull out your smartphone multiple times, it requires that everyone own the device in order to utilize it and, at $99 per device, can be a little expensive.

The Onyx is available for pre-order and costs $99 for a single device while a pair will retail for $195.