Scottish Man Fakes Murder In Front Of Google Street View Camera, Gets Visit From Local Authorities

We take a short break from all the frenetic and amazing happenings at Computex to bring you a hilarious/not-so-hilarious story of a Scottish fellow who spoofed the Google Street View car and got himself a visit from the local authorities.

Back in August of 2012, Dan Thompson, owner of Tomson Motor, saw the Google Street View car coming down the street and--thinking quickly--laid down on the ground and had a buddy stand over him wielding a pickaxe handle.

google street view

It looked like a murder, and a couple of years later when a random web user spotted it, that person reported it to the police. We’re pretty sure the Google Street View folks would have A) noticed a murder taking place feet from the car and B) at least called it in, but in any case the police paid Thompson a visit.

Apparently the local fuzz knew Dan as a small business owner and thus had a laugh over it themselves (knowing full well that he hadn’t been murdered in front of his business).

Google Street View shenanigans are often funny, but take it from Dan Thompson--don’t fake a murder unless you want the cops to show up.