Scosche Teases iPad Car Kit In Subaru: Vehicle Entertainment, Elevated

Scosche is a solid company. They make loads of accessories, many of which enhance Apple's line of iDevices. But this? This is taking things into a whole 'nother universe, and we're not quite sure whether to laugh, cry, or simply bow at the greatness of the world's first mass produced iPad Car Kit.

Teased today in a YouTube video, the upcoming iKit (great name, wouldn't you say?) is a new car mount that actually allows consumers to mount their 9.7" iPad in their vehicle! Many will say there's simply no way a device that large could reasonably fit in a car, and they're probably right. But no one said this was "reasonable."

There's still no definite ship date or price, and we're guessing this will end up being compatible with any car with a big enough gap in the dash. But it's not about the specifics right now, it's about this video. Have a laugh after pressing play, and then ponder why you're actually considering buying one in the near future.