Scientists Create World’s First Fully Bionic Man, Say Hi To Rex

As it turns out, Lee Majors cost way too much as the six million dollar man; Rex, the world’s first bionic man, only costs about $1 million.

Of course “Rex” isn’t actually a human, but he is a full-size replica of a human man, complete with a face, several artificial organs, robotic prosthetic limbs, and even a working circulatory system with artificial blood. He also “speaks”, and ladies--he’s a tall drink of water at six-foot-six.

(Image credit: CBS News)

Rex is the result of a project researchers put together for a television program in the UK called “How to Build a Bionic Man”, which is designed to showcase current advancements in prosthetics.

A social psychologist from the University of Zurich named Dr. Bertolt Meyers (who was also the model for Rex) helped demonstrate Rex to CBS News, showing off in particular the artificial organs--which include a pancreas, kidney, spleen, and trachea--and the circulatory system. The “blood” is of particular note; it’s made of nanoparticles that can bind and give off oxygen, just like real blood cells.

Rex and Meyer
Meyer and Rex (Image credit: CBS News)

These artificial parts portend a future where people needed organ transplants can opt for a man-made part instead of languishing on a donor list, and it’s an example of how amazing and beneficial technology can be.