Scientist Argues Cyborgs Will Eventually Replace Humans As Rulers Of The World

How long will human beings be the dominant species on the planet? One scientist argues that the reign of humans is coming to an end. Dr. James Lovelock recently contended that humans will be overcome and replaced by cyborgs.

Dr. James Lovelock detailed the fall of humanity and the rise of cyborgs in his most recent publication Novacene. Lovelock is not the first person to argue that cyborgs will take over the earth. Elon Musk has contended that human beings will need to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) if they want to survive. He recently unveiled plans for his "Neuralink", which would literally attach wires to a person’s skull.

Lovelock’s perspective is rather unique. He defines cyborgs as advanced robots and artificial intelligence systems. These cyborgs will not meld with human beings or turn against humanity. Instead, the cyborgs will transform the earth to fit their needs.

artificial intelligence brain

Why will cyborgs take over the earth? Lovelock argued that AI machines are already significantly more intelligent than humans. For example, the AI system AlphaGo taught itself how to play the game Go and became the best player in the world. The cyborgs will not need human beings to function and will either ignore us or view us like a “great arboretum”.

What will happen to human beings? Lovelock believes that the cyborgs will usher in “Novacene” or the “final era of life on Earth”. The cyborgs will be able to solve issues that human beings cannot. In the process, the cyborgs will transform the earth’s environment. This environment may be hostile to human life and human beings will eventually die out.

Although this perspective seems a bit bleak, Lovelock insists that his beliefs are optimistic. Lovelock does not think that there is intelligent life on other planets. He therefore argues that it is essential that knowledge of the Earth is able to survive. He stated, “We are now preparing to hand the gift of knowing on to new forms of intelligent beings.”

The evolution of technology, human beings, and the environment is an ongoing subject of debate. Scientists do not currently fully understand consciousness and therefore cannot predict the effects of AI. The more we discover, the more we will be able to predict and plan for the future.