Schlage Puts Your Door Locks on the Web

You may have heard of Schlage. It's a well-known company in the lock industry, and you've likely seen at least one Schlage lock in a door somewhere. Well, they've just launched Schlage LiNK, a suite of products that encompasses not just security, as in an alarm system, but a control system for your locks and a monitoring system for the house.

While we've had a burglar alarm in our house for as long as we've owned it, this goes both a step beyond that, and not quite as far. Using Z-Wave technology, the system allows you to remotely control much of your house. Of course, there are many DIY systems and ready-made system that do this, but Schlage is hoping their name will be a key selling point.

According to their product tour, LiNK allows you to:
... remotely monitor your doors and grant entry to your home. From any computer or cell phone with an internet connection, you can unlock your door, monitor who's coming and going, and even receive text message alerts from the system.

So, the new lock allows entry via key, four-digit code, and online via your smartphone or computer. It will also text message you when your kids get home (now that I really like) and turn on lights. But since we own a standard burglar alarm we see what's missing:
  • Motion detectors
  • 24 x 7 monitoring of alerts by a central office (who can alert the police / fire)
  • Monitoring of windows
It's nice to be able to remotely unlock a door if necessary, but what we'd like is to combine the Schlage system with a system from ADT or Brinks (without having to pay for both).

A basic system from Schlage is $299 (one lock set, one light module, and the home network connector box AKA the Bridge) and the network access costs $12.99 a month. Ouch, since you can get 24 x 7 monitoring from ADT for $35.99.

Of course, a full burglar alarm system can run easily over $1,000, though of course they have lower priced systems that cover only one or two doors / windows, but it's the monitoring that's going to kill you in this case. Well, it is cheaper than a burglar alarm, but for what you're getting ...

Still, if you just want the remote lock / unlock and monitoring of your kids, say, maybe this will fit the bill.
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