Save The Noobs! Well, Their Pictures, Anyway

Remember all those pictures of their grandchildren you e-mailed your parents? Well, they're too busy watching Matlock re-runs to learn how to back them up, and you know eventually they're going to lose them all. Let's help. Polaroid has the answer for anyone that needs easy backup. 40 gigs, plug it in to the USB port, and turn it on.

Store and protect valuable photo memories with Polaroid's media backup storage device! This is the only one step solution available for protecting all your digital photos. Simply plug the media backup device into your computer's USB port and let the media backup do the rest. The media backup device automatically searches, copies and stores your digital photos! No need to download software or hook up lots of cables, it's all automatic!

Tags:  pictures, AV, Pi, Save
Via:  Polaroid
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