Saturday Cold-Shot

Good morning all.  Here's a quick cold shot of hardware news to get you going today.  There's a lot going on behind the scenes here at HotHardware, so make sure you stick around over the next week as well.  We'll have new graphics cards, motherboards and even a new Shuttle XPC coming at you this week.  The holidays are coming, you can just feel the retail buzz spooling up now.  Here's your HOT Headline News for today.

Modder of the Month @ Creative Mods:

"Jeffrey Stephenson, October's Modder of The Month, has a hankering for fine furniture that can be seen in his modding style. Many of his mods are made out of polished wood and glass and look professionally made. The time, effort, and attention to detail in his mods are apparent without question. Read on for information and pics on some of the classiest mods I've ever laid eyes on."

   The INQ says nForce 4 will debut in October:

"NVIDIA will introduce its flagship chipset on October 19th. It's interesting to note that this company as well as ATI likes to launch on Tuesdays. I guess they want to give people a break from the weekend before they  deafen us with their announcements."

We'll have the NF4 mojo for you here for sure, whenever the launch date is.... Of course we can neither confirm nor deny these statements made by the Inquirer.  Now, talk amongst yourselves... ;-)

Ars Technica review: Dual 2.5GHz Power Mac G5:  (The only reason we'd post Mac news is because in this case, it's a Dually and liquid cooled.) :)

"The latest Power Mac G5 was a long time coming. IBM's unexpected difficulties in transitioning to a 90nm process for the PowerPC 970FX made for a long wait for new G5s. The new line of G5s maxes out with a Dual 2.5GHz, liquid-cooled model that is still scarce almost four months after its introduction. We got our hands on one here in the Orbiting HQ"

Coolermaster Aerogate 3 Fan Controller Review at ExtremeMHz:

"Today I'll be taking a look at a new Cooler Master product, this time on the ALD-V03 Aerogate 3 Fan Controller. Cooler Master definitely pitched the design book out the window when they started styling this unit. Most fan controllers do not look as smooth or rounded as this one does, so I was eager to see if the level of functionality and performance matched up!"


That's all for now peeps. Have a fine one!