Sapphire X1950 Pro Dual Spy Pics At CES

Marco and I are just back from CES and while we're a little weary from all the walking and a red-eye flight from hell back to the east coast, we're on the mend, thankfully.  

We had some behind-close-doors time with the folks at Sapphire and got to take a look at some of their new products not yet released to market.  One that caught our particular interest was their dual GPU Radeon X1950 Pro Dual card that utilizes a pair of X1950 Pro GPUs on a single card CrossFire setup.  Check it out.  Though it is a monster design, it's pretty impressive.


In addition, the card also employs a full 512MB per GPU for a total of 1GB per card.  Since traditional Radeon X1950 Pro configurations are setup with 256MB of on board memory, the GPU complexes should scale a little more robustly at high res with high levels of AA.

Sapphire expects to launch this in the next month or so but we having feeling it will be a limited release type of product.  Word is a $399 price point is being targeted. And as you can see, there are CrossFire edge connectors on the top side of the card, so quad CrossFire is a possibility. Sapphire is supposedly working on quad functionality now.  None-the-less, it's very interesting to see a single board multi-GPU design from an ATI-AMD partner!

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