Sapphire to launch new Ultimate Editions

SAPPHIRE to launch new ULTIMATE graphics solution

HD 2600 and HD 2400 series include special editions

SAPPHIRE Technology has just announced that in addition to the new HD 2600 and HD 2400 series of graphics accelerators scheduled for release in July, the range will include the new completely passively cooled SAPPHIRE HD 2600 XT ULTIMATE Edition.

SAPPHIRE’s ULTIMATE Editions are renowned for the key features of overclocking for enhanced performance and silent running. The low power consumption of this new generation of GPU’s allows a totally passive cooling solution to be used whilst achieving top levels of performance in it class.

The SAPPHIRE HD 2600 XT ULTIMATE Edition features the latest unified shader architecture with 24 shader pipelines, a 128-bit memory bus and high speed GDDR3 memory. Other family members include the SAPPHIRE HD 2600 PRO with a similar architecture but using GDDR2 memory.  Also available are the SAPPHIRE HD 2400 XT and SAPPHIRE HD 2400 PRO, cost effective solutions with 8 unified shader pipelines and a 64-bit memory interface using GDDR3 and GDDR2 memory respectively...