Sapphire Radeon Toxic x800 Pro, Icybox HD Enclosure and More

Good morning friends, NJ here with your AM news update.  The Juice Fairy was very kind to us last night, so we have quite the variety of juice on tap this morning.  So, go grab a mug, pull up a chair and settle in; you are going to be here for a while ;)

 Sapphire Radeon Toxic X800 Pro VIVO Review @ GotApex

"The fan that gave the boot to Zalman is the Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer 4, in Blind Your Mother Orange. This is a larger set up than found on the older IceQ 9800 card, but about as silent in actual operation. It's also lighter than the Ultimate cards, and I found it's mounting to be quite solid on the card with no obvious gaps or any looseness to be found, which was a problem for a small few with the Ultimate. "

 Icybox Illuminated Aluminium Hard Drive Enclosure Review @ Modtown

"Offering blistering fast speeds of up to 150 MB/s in the Serial-ATA version (S-ATA), the Icybox is a neat way to expand disk storage space or just to create a portable hard drive solution. Other connectivity options available are FireWire (IEEE 1394a) which offers up to 50 MB/s and USB 2.0 (Universal Series Bus) speed of up to 56 MB/s..."

 3R Systems - Poseidon WCL-02 120Cu Liquid Cooler @

"3R Systems that company from Korea that not many people had heard of 6-months ago is about to make a big splash on the US market thanks to a new line of products coming this September. We had a chance to look at one of the big boys that should cause a big stir when it hits the shelf here in the US. It's 3R Systems - Poseidon WCL-02 120Cu Liquid Cooler."

 Lian Li CR-03 6-in-1 Card Reader Review @ MikhailTech

"The unit itself is very simple yet elegant. It's encased on all sides by brushed aluminum so it looks good even if you choose to leave it out in the open. The front has four slots for the respective cards along with a green LED indicator for each slot. And of course there's the printed Lian Li logo. You can remove the top panel via a pair of screws around back. The internal view is pretty simple: a couple processor chips, card slots, a 5-pin connector and a red LED. I'm guessing the latter is for diagnostics (in case something isn't working), though fortunately I haven't seen it in action."

 SimpleTech PC3500 Review @

"One thing that the site or the packaging neglects to explain is the timings on the Nitro series RAM. I received an e-mail during the review, listing the timings as 2.5, 3, 3, 7. Since this is performance RAM, I would like to see the timings added to the site at least so that people could research what they are buying."

 Thermaltake XTunner Fan Controller Review @ CoolTechZone

"Thermaltake, a well trusted brand by computer modders and enthusiasts alike, has launched a new product with innovation. Thermaltake has always been a favorite to many users in the community. Their case designs, heatsinks, power supplies, and this time - their fan controllers always stand out from the competition. A fan controller is a rather dull product, but Thermaltake has come up with a design that will impress many users."

 Logisys Crystal Power 500 watt Power Supply Review @

"With a solid, great looking clear body, this power supply definitely catches the eye. Add a 500watt rating and this power supply is enough to make any modder's mouth water...If all you care about is performance, this PSU is a beast. With incredibly steady voltage ratings and a specially designed circuit board for PC gamers and modding enthusiasts, this power supply is definitely ready for the newer graphics cards and systems running tons of hardware."

 Asetek WaterChill Antarctica KT03A-L30 @

"All my issues with the KT12 were blown away with the KT03A. Better relative performance, no more tubing hassles and better packaging all combine to sort out the WaterChill experience. Asetek are back on track with the current WaterChill products, the KT03A-L30 a stand-out example."

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