Sapphire Claims Its New HD 6950 Toxic Edition Card is Tops

Sapphire today announced its HD 6950 Toxic Edition graphics card, calling it "the fastest production card in its class." To back up that claim, Sapphire set the graphics engine at 880MHz and the 2GB of onboard memory at 1330MHz for an effecitive 5.2Gb/s of bandwidth. According to Sapphire, it took more than ordinary reference parts to make it's the Toxic Edition card the fastest HD 6950 out there.

"This has been achieved by building the card on a high specification PCB with digital VRMs for excellent power regulation and 8+6 pin power connectors," Sapphire explains. "It has a high performance cooler featuring a Vapor Chamber, blower fan, and a new perforated backplate to increase airflow out of the system case."

For overclockers, Sapphire equipped its card with a dual-BIOS so you can experiment without fear of being up a creek without a paddle. To help you do that, Sapphire offers its TriXX overclocking tool as a free download.

No word yet on price or availability.